The Bookkeeper’s Consultant is here to help all bookkeepers. If you are a bookkeeper for a private company, a single member company or own your own bookkeeping firm; you are no longer alone!

The Bookkeeper’s Consultant will provide support and guidance for you to set-up and understand your company’s financial position. My bookkeeping mantra, “You cannot get to where you want to go; until you know where you are.” The Bookkeeper’s Consultant is here to help you understand where your company is financially.

The Bookkeeper’s Consultant will assist you with understanding how to set up your financial statements and the correct posting of all transactions. Of course, you need to know if your company is making money or more important, why you are not making money. By having correct financials, you can adjust your business model to reflect the reality of your financial situation. For example, you can see if you need to adjust your costs or expenses accordingly as the year progresses rather than having a shock at year end. I know, bookkeeping is not the sexy part of running a business; however, there should be no fear associated with it either. No longer will you be afraid to look at your financials as you will not be doing it alone – The Bookkeeper’s Consultant is right by your side!

I have had my own successful bookkeeping firm for the last 13 years this January. I have worked with quite a few companies in various industries and worked through a lot of bookkeeping errors. The Bookkeeper’s Consultant is here to help you on your path of success.

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